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Evenement unique

Exceptional floral compositions

for unique events

Pierre-Louis DUPY, a passionate florist for many years, puts at your service his exceptional know-how and his passion to enhance all your events: weddings, birthdays, dinners with friends, company parties, inaugurations, fashion shows...

"Giving your events the magic and emotions they deserve" is Pierre-Louis' conviction when he accompanies you. A strong conviction motivated by a search for authenticity and personalization of your project that goes as close as possible to what you look like.

Les réalisations

A florist who accompagnies you  in France and abroad

Pierre-Louis has been living and working as a florist in Paris for several years and adapts to the nature of your project as well as its location.

Pierre-Louis has participated in numerous projects in France and abroad and exports his know-how at the request of his clients.

Want to learn more? Discover the creator on this page and find all his news on the social networks Instagram and Facebook: FlowersbyPLD. To contact us and for any request for a quote: go to the contact page.


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